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Domain & Web Hosting

Pick Good Domain Name

Struggling with how to choose a domain name? Picking the right domain name is one of the most important things you’ll do for your website. In addition to defining your site, your domain name will communicate important information to both human visitors and search engine bots.

Final thoughts on how to choose a domain name

Learning how to choose a domain name for your site can seem intimidating at first. After all, it’s a very important decision. However, you’ll find that with a little research and the right tools, the process is surprisingly approachable.

Tips To choose a good domain name for your website, Follow these 4 steps:

1- Choose one or more keywords that represent your site.
2- Use a domain name generator to browse your options.
3- Select the best domain name based on some simple criteria.
4- Register your new domain name.

Technical Benefits of Managed Hosting

Server Monitoring
Server monitoring is simply critical for your organization. It’s a process of constantly scanning the servers to search for any irregularities or potential failures. System admins constantly monitor the servers to identify such points of failures so that they can address them before they become major problems.

The basic principle here is, as the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”. In Managed Hosting, the consistent, detailed attention system admins provide in constantly monitoring servers, goes a long way to guaranteeing the good server uptime and network availability you want to provide to yourself and your clients.

Server monitoring is not impossible to self-manage, but demands specific skill sets, time and money.

Server security is a huge priority for any business. Server security covers various aspects of security under its umbrella such as:

  • Running security audits
  • Spam filtering
  • Virus scanning
  • Software firewall configuration
  • OS updates

Hosting providers are well equipped with various tools and have tons of experience dealing with server security related issues. They constantly scan the operating system and core application to find security vulnerabilities, which they can fix in order to prevent the server from being attacked.

Managed Storage
The storage requirements of a company can and will change from time to time. The amount of space needed now by an organization may not be the same as they will need a few years or even months down the line. Getting the balance right again requires specific technical skills and an ongoing commitment and availability to give it proper attention. Managed storage means outsourcing a company’s storage needs to a managed services provider. This is beneficial for the company because it helps them reduce the costs related to buying and administering storage services.

Managed Database
This is very much on the same lines as Managed Storage, but calls on the skills and expertise of an experienced Database Administrator rather than more generalised system admins. The DBA acts as a software and service consultant to design the best database system to meet your needs and requirements. Managed Hosting providers typically have DBAs who are, at the minimum, experienced in SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle. So as a company you will definitely find the expertise that you need.

Lost data can be extremely costly for a company. It is therefore essential to have a process that regularly backs up your data, keeps its secure, and preserves its integrity. Research shows that small businesses can lose more than 50% of their data after a man-made or natural disaster occurs. With managed services, you as a business owner can have the peace of mind that your data is secure and backed up because your hosting provider has processes and procedures in place to deal with such scenarios.

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