Google Street 360 View

Google Street 360 View

360 Degree Virtual Tours for Cambodia, We are based in Siem Reap, Cambodia. We create 360 virtual tours for your businesses and locations, with a difference and affordable prices to publish on Street View of Google Maps.

8 Benefits of Google Maps Street View for Your Business

1. It Builds Trust With Your Customers
According to an Inc article, humanizing a brand is crucial to fostering trust.
Another way to humanize your business is by using Google Maps street view. Which allows customers to put a face to the business name.
This increases their comfort level, making them more likely to enter your doors.

2. It Helps With the Research Process
Google maps street view is doing more than helping with the research process. It's demonstrating the quality of your business.
By providing this feature to your customer, you're showing that your business cares for its customers. And will do everything it can to provide the best customer experience.

3. It Creates a Better Connection
One of the benefits of humanizing your business is establishing a better connection with your customers.
They know you're legitimate, and don't need to put up their guard. Enough said.

4. Better Access to Your Target Audience
Let's say you're a sports bar restaurant whose target audience is NFL football fans.
To attract your target audience, you've hung up football banners and memorabilia throughout your restaurant.
Well, you want to show off the decor, right?
Google Maps street view gives you that platform to do so. Suddenly prospective NFL football fans can take a virtual tour of your restaurant. They see the football decor and are hooked.

5. It Helps Customers Make Informed Decisions
Is there enough parking in the back? Do they need to come early to get a spot? What about the dress atire? Is the area safe?
These are questions customers want to know but may need to dig through a review site to find out.
Not with Google Maps street view.
Instead, customers can make all of their informed decisions by “walking around” your business.
Customers can then plan accordingly for the occasion. This helps customers to relax and not worry about any unexpected hiccup.

6. Passive Marketing
Instead of actively asking for referrals, let your customers do that for you via word of mouth.

7. It's a Convenient and Comfortable Experience
Customers can use street view wherever they're at: the mall, park, concert, you name it.

8. Website Embedding
Enhance your current website by embedding Business View photos of your business.

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